Other Products: Cutthroat Flumes and Pitless Adapters

Baski, Inc. manufactures a number of other ground-water related products, including cutthroat flumes and pitless adapters. For more information please read the sections below.

Cutthroat Flume
Cutthroat flumes are ideal for measuring water flow rates. Applications include: stream surveys, well pumping tests, irrigation studies, drainage surveys, seepage inspections, industrial outflows, sewage treatment plant flows, mine drainage, tail water runoff, and spring discharge. The name "cutthroat" comes from the fact that there is no parallel throat section in these flumes (vs. Parshall flumes). 


Advantages of this flume design include:

These stainless steel, collapsible flumes can be set up in minutes and are ideal for a broad range of field applications. When the job is finished, the flume (weighing only 6-15 lbs.) can be disassembled and put into an attache case.

The throat width can be changed from 1 to 8 inches by interchanging the top and bottom pieces, resulting in flow measurements from 2-1/2 to 1,000 gallons per minute. In addition, wingwalls may be added to divert the stream into the convergent section of the flume.

After the upstream staff gauge reading is taken, a simple calculation yields the gallons/minute, liters/second, or cubic feet/second flowing through the flume.
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Pitless Adapter
The Baski heavy-duty pitless unit is designed for quick delivery, installation ease, and convenience in setting and pulling pumps (submersible or turbine).

The heavy-duty construction is specifically designed for deep sets below 500 feet (150 m), where the drop pipe must be high-strength casing or tubing.

These pitless units are of steel construction with stainless steel seating rings for the spool's o-rings, and are available for casing sizes from 8 inch (203 mm) to 24 inch (610 mm) and larger on special order.


Standard features include:

   Stainless steel rings for the spool's o-rings to ensure a leak-proof seal.
   Steel housing which is 1/2 to 1-1/4 inch thick. 
   Steel upper casing barrel which is 3/8 inch thick.
   Steel spool with 2 large access holes and 4 centering blocks.
   Flanged top with rounded corner to prevent wire damage during installation.
   Water-tight cap with screened vent.
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