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Baski Inc. manufactures the innovative Baski Inflatable Packer (BIP), Fracker, Zone Flow Tester (ZFT™), Flow Control Valve (FCV™), Pitless Unit,  Cutthroat Flume and other products for investigating, controlling, and producing the Earth's Fluids™.  Interested in drilling and well completion technology?  Check out our patent portfolio.

Our facility is fully equipped for the design and manufacture of packers and related equipment, including in-house welding, machining, element construction, crimping, and testing.  We serve disciplines that include: hydrogeology, artificial storage and recovery, hydrofracturing, environmental, geotechnical, grouting, water supply, mining, geothermal rock stress testing, nuclear waste repository, earthquake studies, as well as exploration and production of oil and gas.

Download our most recent Catalog 6 (PDF), various other Baski publications, and learn about further resources of interest to all who work in the above disciplines.


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