Packer Accessories

The products below can be used in conjunction with our packers to fulfill the needs of your specific application.  




Downhole Dump Valve


The Downhole Dump Valve (DDV) gets installed just above the packer and allows the inflation liquid to be discharge downhole, which makes packer deflation much easier and faster.  The DDV is operated by a single nitrogen control line running from the DDV to the surface.  During packer inflation, the DDV is held closed by applying pressure via the nitrogen line.  To deflate the packer, the nitrogen pressure to the DDV is released at the surface, which allows it to open and discharge the packer inflation liquid out and into the well.

Access Port Valve

Controls the testing fluids for injection, slug and pumping tests. The Access Port Valve (APVTM) is a pneumatically operated valve that has pipe fittings at both ends, and replaces the standard slotted pipe used between straddle packers. It is excellent for pressure build-up data without casing storage effects, and a series of APV's allows multi-level investigations.

In-line Adapter

Directs leads into and out of the main drop piping. The In-Line Adapter (ILATM) is made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or aluminum depending on size and application.



Centers the packer string in the hole and helps prevent from getting stuck on transitions.

Couplings and Crossovers

A wide variety of couplings and crossovers are kept in stock to be able to integrate our downhole equipment with your pipe, tubing or tools.  These threads include API tubing threads (NUE and EUE), Short and Long Casing, NPT (Linepipe), as well as custom Baski threads.  A variety of materials and strengths are available, depending on size, thread and application.

Pump Shroud

Isolates the pump from the fluid that surrounds the shroud, allowing the pumped fluids to enter from the bottom of the shroud and flow past the motor (thus cooling the motor). The pump shroud also seals transducer leads & pneumatic tubing through the shroud and is the strength member that supports the packers.

Porous Tube End

Allows the transfer tube to be filled with water, and keeps the water from draining during the short trip to the borehole static water level. It results in a more accurate reading of formation pressures without the "offset" occurring in air-filled transfer tubes. The use of transfer tubes also allows the transducers to be located near the top of the packer string, avoiding the lacing of transducer cables through the string.

Transducer Carrier

Protects the transducers on their trip downhole. Typically, the carrier allows the leads to run outside the drop pipe, so that the transducer is adjacent to the drop pipe, eliminating the lacing of long lengths of transducer cable through fittings into sealed chambers and through packers.

Surface Equipment

Banding Tool

Secures the transducer cables, inflation tubing, and APV tubing (collectively called leads) to the packer string.


Connect all of the necessary equipment and can be provided in National Pipe Taper (NPT), American Petroleum Institute (API), and British Standard Taper (BST) thread patterns. They also include inflation equipment that consists mainly of brass tubing and stainless steel connectors.

Inflation and APV Lines

Connect the packer string to the necessary gas or liquid sources. Inflation tubing and APV actuation tubing is typically 1/4" O.D. nylon or stainless steel tubing.  For further information on these products, click here.

Regulator Manifold

Regulates the nitrogen pressure for inflating packers. The manifold includes a nitrogen regulator (for connection to N2 bottles) connected to a pressure gauge (1/2%) and delivers pressures up to 2000 psi.

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